8 Passenger Vehicles

8 Passenger Vehicles           8 Passenger Vehicle

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Gone If you are over the age of 40, you will obviously remember loading up the family with brothers and sisters in a station wagon during the weekend and heading towards the drive-in theatres, theme parks and restaurants.

The above scenario paved the way for introducing 8 passenger vehicles into our history as well as our hearts, as no other single vehicle can carry a large family together by a simple phrase ‘let’s go for a ride.’

When your family grows, you will find yourself in need of a larger vehicle to carry your large family that can accommodate more than 5 passengers. 8 passenger vehicles are designed to hold minimum of 8 passengers having a third row of seating available.

The list of 8 passenger vehicles includes standard wagons, minivans, crossover vehicles, the Toyota sienna, the Toyota highlander and sports utility vehicles. Before making a choice you must be aware of the different features and benefits of each type. 

Development Of Vehicles

8 passenger vehicles have undergone several changes with different features and different appearances. The station wagon was the first popular family vehicle that carried a larger family. Even though it was hardly believed that the vehicle could carry only 7 members, most of the models are designed with the capability of carrying 9 or 10 members comfortably.

The standard seating arrangements could easily seat three individuals and there was a special seat in the rear station of the vehicle. The special seat was equipped with a rear facing the bench seat that’s in the back side of the vehicle.

After few years, the station wagon was turned into a mini-van, which quickly became very popular among large families. The versatility of the minivan is unmatched as it is versatile with the capability fold down the rear seat when required during shopping or carry the children to the country fair. For these simple comforts, the mini-vans always holds a unique space in family memories.

Benefits Of 8 Passenger Vehicles

Comfort with space

It is the important consideration for larger families who have experienced trouble in using the ordinary four or five seater vehicles, which are inconvenient as well.

Besides, people with limited family members less than 5 members also adore the 8 passenger vehicles as they come with adequate space for each passenger to sit comfortably. These vehicles are generally deigned with minimum of three seat rows.


Almost all kinds of the 8 passenger vehicles that are being introduced recently come with notable power ratings that are apparent through several factors like maximum attainable speed, acceleration rate and traction capacity in rough road stretches.


Most of these 8 seater vehicles are specifically designed in a way that, they can be converted into typical transport vans just by making few modifications. For instance, you have the option of removing the rear seats when it is not required in some models. A mini-van is a great example due to its versatility.

Fuel economy

Earlier, some models of 8 passenger vehicles are not great with fuel efficiency. But many of these vehicles that are getting into the market today are designed with remarkable ratings on fuel consumption. There are few models that can be used with the combination of gas and fuel and thus enhance the fuel efficiency.

List of New Models Of 8 Passenger Vehicles

The slow evolution of 8 passenger vehicles has undergone a vast transformation into a new breed of family wagons. The sports utility vehicle is one among the recent models that is taking place over the mini-van for dominance in the field of family wagon. 

Crossover vehicles are the other model that is more prominent among families. Since families are getting back to nature, these advanced models supply them with the roominess of a family wagon and ability to get into nature as well.

8 Passenger SUV


Sports utility vehicles have received a bad rep as gas swallowing and wrecking vehicles. But in reality, these vehicles are imperatively required in cold weather areas. Besides, you can easily carry 8 passengers with addition of a way-back seat. The only drawback of this type of vehicle is that it wastes some extra fuel.



Newest version of 8 passenger vehicles is the crossover utility vehicle. As expected it combines the attributes of multiple vehicles and a great example of a crossover is Ford Edge. Above all, it is the ideal choice for a larger and growing family.

The new model crossovers are designed with three rows of well appointed comfort keeping everyone happy and comfortable on a long trip. However, similar to a sports utility vehicle, crossovers don’t get great mileage.

The Honda Pilot 8 Passenger Vehicle

Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot was introduced in the market as an alternative to passport and received high regards from the beginning. The newest version with advanced features came out few months back and did not disappoint buyers. The attractive feature is the vehicle designed with a variable cylinder management system for better gas mileage.

Choosing The Best Vehicle

Due to the spacious interior design and decoration and friendly family features, mini-vans are considered highly preferred and most commonly used. You can limit your choices by selecting the body type of your 8 passenger vehicle. Some type of vehicles will have the most room for seating, but with limited fuel efficiency whereas some models are more fuel efficient with smaller seating. In addition, determine the type of seating you want in your vehicle.

You can easily compare the specifications and features of 8 passenger vehicles through online car research sites. You can look into the features like size of trunk, seating comfort, fuel efficiency, trim packages, versatility, entertainment system options, and cost of the vehicle as well.  

We are evidently noticing the fact of ever growing number of people choosing to buy 8 passenger vehicles. Moreover, according to statistical report from highly knowledgeable sources, this category of vehicle under the motor vehicle category has been witnessed with the remarkable growth in number of buyers.

However there must be some attractive reasons realized by the buyers. It includes the major advantages associated with the 8 seats that are being considered the probable factors influencing and motivating the people into buying these vehicles. There are numerous used cars are also available for sale.

However, people who cannot afford buying such expensive vehicles like Saturn Outlook or GMC Acadia can rent then instead. Similarly, if you own a 8 or 9 or 10 passenger vehicle like the Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot with reduced usage, you can let it out for rental, where you can earn a good deal of money.

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